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Cooking is one of those activities that anyone can do. Can you shop for ingredients and learn how to read a recipe? Do you have the basic cooking utensils and equipment? If so, than you are well on your way to learning how to cook! If you want to learn how to enhance your culinary abilities, read the tips we have gathered for ways to easily make tasty meals that your family and yourself will look forward to!

Keep all dried spices in a location that is cool and dark. If they are exposed to light, heat or humidity, or light they may lose their flavor. Ground herbs and spices typically maintain their flavor for about a year. Whole spices may retain their flavors for up to five years. Storing spices properly can help you achieve a

Bake pie crusts for a little longer than you think is really necessary. They need to be a light golden caramel color rather than pale in color. The darker color indicates that the sugar in the crust has caramelized and this will have a much sweeter and crisper flavor.

You do not cook the whole dish after it has been seasoned. Cook a small amount in the shape of a pan and taste it first.

It is important that your knives are always sharp. Dull knives can be dangerous and they also dangerous.

Apples are a popular choice for eating in autumn or winter, but they will spoil fast if incorrectly stored. To properly store them, store apples in open-mesh bags or baskets in a cool basement or in the produce drawer of your refrigerator. One rotten apple will spoil the whole bag so make sure you keep an eye your apples.

Do you want to cook with fresh basil in your dishes? Place several sprigs of fresh basil in a glass container. Fill the glass with enough water till the stems. Put the basil on top of your kitchen counter and it will remain fresh for up to seven days! The basil will grow roots if you change out the water regularly. Trim the basil regularly to encourage growth and you will be able to enjoy fresh basil!

This seasoning is commonly used on various other ingredients. Try using it to season roasted potatoes or mix it in your scrambled eggs. People will want you for your secret ingredient!

Fresh ingredients will give your dish extra flavor, as well as be more economical to prepare.

Look through your recipes and decide which steps can be completed beforehand. You can simplify the day prior to actually cooking. This takes a lot of the stress out of even easier to cook complicated dishes and make them more enjoyable.

Garlic aromas can easily stay on your hands and fingers. Try rubbing your hands on the inside of a steel when they smell from an odoriferous cooking ingredientThis serves to both clean your hand and keep the odors from seeping into any other food you are going to handle.

Take cooking as seriously as you want to. There are so many ways to make food, the most optimal way to learn is to take some advice from great cooks. In the meantime, however, you can use some of the cooking tips presented above the next time you are responsible for preparing a family meal.

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